About Wounded Paw Project

Laura Sanders

Chief Paws Trainer

Ian Hernandez 

Outreach and Strategic Partnership


Nathan Xander

Chief Innovation Officer

Key Staff

Ernesto P. Hernandez III

 A Native Texan and Served in the United States Air Force for twenty-one years after graduating the Air Force Academy '94.  Deployed in numerous "Hot Spots" throughout the world.  Purple Heart Recipient and Animal Lover and Advocate.

Gilbert N. Brown

Purple Heart Recipient and Philanthropist

Dr. Julie Brown

Doctor Veterinarian Medicine

Dr. Stephen Hollingshead

President, Candor LLC

Patrick Scannell

Maker, Technology Strategist, Product Innovator

Founder and CEO

Board Members

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BURKE VA 22009

WPP is solely focused on the rehabilitation and training of shelter [high kill] dogs which we have demonstrated that the need to breed belief controversial. With proper therapy, training and love we have paired servicemenbers, veterans, civilians and children with a service dog at a third of the cost with the same qualities of a “Window Store” Dog.  Still, empirical data is being gathered for subsequent publication with the input of trainers, veterinarians, and medical doctors for eventual discussions debunking the perceived opinion. ​

Our PAW is made up94 PAWsranging in size, including one RED PAW facing in the opposite direction, which represent the over over 8 million animals that are surrender to shelters in the United States with over 4 million that are destroyed .  The REDPAW is the number of dogs organizations such as WPP saves.