Wounded Paw Project (WPP) is dispelling the belief that shelter dogs are not practical candidates as Service Dogs. This notion is based upon the idea that by breeding, one can control temperament, wellness, and longevity. Anthropological data does not support the idea that upbringing and race/color influences level of performance or - more importantly - constructive contributor to society. Shelter Dogs exemplify the military creed [dogma] of "Service before Self". Like Daisy to the right - A Rescue Dog trained to assist me while recovering from injuries sustained in Iraq.
WPP is governed by the PAW principle

Protecting - The common denominator of Serial Killer and the current Mass Shootings. Is that someone witnessed the torture and didn't report. YOU can prevent a loved one from being a causality by Being their Voice.

Advocacy - Ending the Dog Meat Trade and Fighting in the United States. It is legal to consume dog and cat meat in 44 states ... where there is dog fighting, there are thugs, and drugs, with prostitution from human trafficking. In the U.S. the average age is 13 years young at the tune of 1.3 Million yearly.

Wagployment - Giving them a Second Tail as a Service Dog (Therapy, Emotional, Comfort, Court, etc.)
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