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Our motto is “Saving A Paw, to Save A Life” – Giving Them a Second Tail as a Service Dog*. We are a three-tiered organization:

Protect – be the voice for the voiceless – animal abuse is a precursor for a life of crime. Every serial killer and majority of the mass shootings plaque graduated from killing, torturing animals. See it, REPORT IT!

Advocate – ending dog fighting – the gateway to thugs, drugs, prostitution, human trafficking in the United States with an average age of 13, and kidnapping.

Wagployment* – providing training for service, emotional support, therapy animals, comfort, mobility etc. – emptying out shelters.

We are not a rescue. Our focus is on saving dogs from high-kill shelters so they can be given a second chance at life. Additionally, we take the hard cases such as bait, tortured, and abused dogs, that most likely would be euthanized at a kill-shelter.


We have plenty of volunteer opportunities that don’t require you to foster. Whatever your passion, we can put it to use nationwide. Like to Run, let’s do an awareness dog walk with WPP shirts.