Success Stories

Service Dogs is one of our core competencies and the following are a few of our success stories:

Daisy now retired is the founder of Wounded Paw Project. However, still makes guest appearance and available for PAWgraphs.

Rosie was a bait dog that came to us with heart worms. She was a puppy who had puppies. She is a certified service dog and has walked the halls of congress to save #PAWs.

Jazmine was one of our more severe cases. She came from West Virginia and was abused and left for dead in the woods. We trained her as a comfort dog as she senses pain and does not like human to not be happy. She has a boyfriend “Kane”, and loves chasing balls.

Kane came from a dog fighting ring and was used to breed. We decompressed him and showed him love. And the rest is to your left. He is a comfort dog like his girlfriend above. He loves to ride in my son’s huge 4X4. Keep your eyes wide open, and you just might see him.

Bella was a test of the Wounded Paw Project core competencies. She was to be euthanized for being dog aggressive. When we picked her up she was flaming red with a skin condition, more flakes than ski season, and STINKY! We patience and love, she has become a snuggle bug and is finalizing her training as a court dog. Assisting sexual trauma victims.

Obi was attacked and suffering from his own PTSD. Knowing that WPP is known for taking the hard cases. We did what most won’t or can’t and decompressed him and returned to duty. He now lives with his Navy combat veteran.

Originally name Rover from an Amish Community in Maryland. “Dover” had the natural instinct to heal and love. He is our first to be given to a family of first-responder. And assist his human daily.

Pebbles, is a one-of-a-kind pure loving dog. She is a rescue with a passion for children. She is currently in training to become a service dog and has a huge personality for humans #PAW!

Never, Never give up on them. They need you and your love.